Talleres Casablanca

Talleres Casablanca is Cauhé brand manufacturer and world leader in machinery for printing and cardboard packaging but also manufactures other brands. We are in the market for more than 70 years, selling our products at first in local market and currently exporting 90% of production, mainly to United States and EU countries but also exported to Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America. Our machinery is recognized worldwide for the quality and reliability, customers customizations as well as responsibility for their technical commitments. Our products are designed and manufactured in our own offices with the latest technical capacities (3D design software, CAD-CAD-CAE, CNC machining, robot coordinate measuring machine , ...), always in collaboration with components supplyers and continuous training our workers. We never outsource the design to other companies. Our experience is supported by the amount of manufactured machines, years of experience and above all the loyalty of our customers who return to buy new machinery year after year.

The presence in national and international market is constant through distributors and partners in various countries as well as in major exhibitions and trade associations exhibiting internationally.

The production is mainly focused on the following business lines: Hand fed platen and Clamshell diecutters (manual, semiautomatic and automatic) for different materials: all type of paper and cardboards, jigsaw puzzles, trays and doilies food, plastics and light metals, etc, industrial guillotines for paper and cardboard, plastics, fabrics, etc, drilling machines, loaders and unloaders. We also design and develop tailored projects to our customers needs. In the last years we have specialized in large format machines, manufacturing hand fed platen up to 330 cms and 450 cms industrial paper cutter guillotines, being undisputed leaders in this field. We also design multiple options to enhance, automate and increase production. In addition, because of our qualified technical resources, we also carry out all kind of machinery design and machining.

Up to date we have manufactured and rebuilt over 5,000 industrial machines for the graphic arts industry and packaging products, mainly diecutters, stamping and industrial paper guillotines. Our machines comply with all safety regulations concerning required by the EEC and optionally can be ordered with the German GS Safety Certificate. Aware of the danger of this type of machines, for many years we have designed and developed various security options, mechanical and electronic, that you may consult according to your needs.

The factory

Our office and factory is located in the industrial area El Campillo (Zuera), about 25 kms from Zaragoza, north direction and very well served by the A-23 road. We have an area of about 14,000 m2 approx distributed in several departments such as Engineering and Design, R&D&i, welding, machining, warehouse, painting, electrical, assembly and quality. We also have a large stock of spare parts and used machinery equipment fully revised. See our section used machines


    In our factory we manufacture diverse types of machinery for die cutting, half-cutting, creasing, sausaging, pressing and handling of paper and cardboard. We center our production in manufacturing standard formats and customized sizes of hand fed platen, semi-automatic die cutters, die cutters for cardboard trays, puzzles die cutters, hydraulic guillotines, loaders and unloaders, ... Cauhé and CTZ machines are a world reference in industrial enterprises in graphic arts sector (printers, cardboard, packaging, ...) and also in other sectors such as footwear, food and automotive among others.

    These high-precision machines are designed to cut, mark and mortise different types of paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and fabrics. The new plastic and syntetic materials and metal foils appeared in recent years, requested by various types of businesses and applications also can be cut and stamped with special devices.

    We incorporate the latest technology in manufacturing our products. The base and main structure is constructed in one piece for maximum strength and stiffness, specially in large format machines to reinforce them, and the wheels and connecting rods are made of high quality steel and resistance.

    To develop of these products we have the collaboration of several companies both nationally and internationally to offer our customers the best and latest materials with the highest standards. For that, our R&D&i and design department searches for new materials to reduce weight, effort and friction providing a smooth movement of the machine to offer a quality product while improving maintenance and service life of the machine, reducing maintenance time and spare parts.

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