Drilling machine

Our drilling machines are an ideal complement for graphic arts companys that needs this type of machinery for certain jobs. A robust and versatile machine that has a work table from 110cms up to the 320cms and from 1 to 6 mobile programmable drilling heads.

Cauhé drillings Cauhé are able to punch different types of materials as paper or cardborad as well as other types of thin materials. If you need to punch any another materials consult us.

Main features

  • Own compressor for the air table
  • 1 to 6 drilling heads
  • Automatic foot pedal control
  • Variable drill head speed and cycle speed
  • Removable front and side gauges for unlimited drilling length
  • Automatic waste collector system

Models and Formats

Model CD1300 CD1600 CD2000 CD2300
A 1600
B 1500 1800 2200 2500
C 900
D 1300 1600 2000 2300
E 1300
G 1660 1960 2360 2660
H 1960

lightbulb32.png We can manufacture any table size or extra transfer tables to meet your production process.

Medidas Taladradora Broca hueca
Caracteristicas Taladradora Broca Hueca
Model CD1300 CD1600 CD2000 CD2300 CD3200
Maximum drilling width 1100 mm 1400 mm 1800 mm 2100 mmm 3000 mmm
Minimum drilling width 140 mm with two or more drilling heads
Maximum drilling height 50 mm approx. depending on the drilling head
Maximum drilling length 200 mm
Minimum drilling length 10 mm with new drills, 32 mm with sharpened drills
Cycles per minute 20-35 depending on the main motor speed
Number of bits 1 set of ø4, ø6, ø8, ø10 and ø12 with every drilling head
Net weight 960 Kg 1100 Kg 1300 Kg 1500 Kg 2000 Kg
Power 3 kw 5 kw

We have a series of Options for our drills that facilitate the daily work and allows to automate and increase the production of the machine. Any other option can be designed specifically for you company's needs.

Drilling options

Adjustable drilling heads
Cabezal programable de taladradora
Electric controls
Mandos eléctricos de taladradora
Side tables
Mesa frontal taladradora
Programable drilling heads
Programación del Cabezal de taladradora


Watch our Drilling machine and see how to use it (model CD2000).

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