Large format hand fed platen Cauhé paper cutter guillotines Large format hand fed platen
Cauhé Manufacturer of machinery for graphics arts and cardboard packaging.

Talleres Casablanca is the manufacturer of Cauhé industrial machinery for graphics arts and packaging. Up to date we have manufactured and rebuilt more than 5000 machines world wide distributed, mainly clamshell diecutters and paper cutter guillotines, being specialized in large format machines.

Hand fed platen

  • Large format hand fed platen
  • From 46x66cms to 200x330cms
Cauhé hand fed platen

Cauhé is known as indisputable leader in large format hand fed platens in graphical arts and packaging sector. We have a wide range of formats, options and customizations. Special formats available upon request.

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Paper cutter Guillotines

  • Paper cutter and cardboard Guillotines
  • Heavy Duty: GH Model
  • Medium Duty: GL Model
  • Manufactured from 170cms to 450cm.
Paper cutter Guillotines

Cauhé industrial guillotines for paper and cardboard (also used with other materials as plastics, thin metals, carpets, fabrics...) are available in 2 ranges: Heavy duty and Medium duty series. Take a look to the differences.

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Puzzles Diecutter

  • Puzzles and Jigsaw Die cutter
  • 2 main models
  • Options available
Powerpress Puzzles Diecutter

The Cauhé puzzle diecutter is a special diecutter version designed specifically for die cutting compact cardboard used in puzzles. The TP102 model is capable of die cut a 2000 pieces puzzle in one stroke.

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Drilling machine

  • Drilling machine
  • Up to 6 mobile drilling heads
  • Manufactured in 5 sizes, from 130cm to 320cm
Drilling machine

Our drilling machine has been designed for punching and perforation a stack of paper, cardboard and other materials. Configure the number of adjustable drilling heads you need and other customizations.

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